It would be very interesting for you to know that colours say volumes about your taste, interests and sexual fire within you. Gender in this case, is an entrancing variable, because what might appear a highly sexually attractive colour to a woman might not appear the same to a man and vice versa. There are statements like “..Lady love in red..” that emphasize on how women look sensual and engaging in red, while this is not said for men. For men, the black colour would be more dashing and invigorating.

Characteristic response of men and women to definite colours can be understood, on the basis of the psychological analysis that has been carried over a large number of people. To know more about what your favourite colours say about you, read on!If your

If your favourite colour is copper/bronze, you are most likely to be a passionate lover and friend. While red or black colours are high on sexually arousing the opposite gender! Orange colour defines your playful nature, stimulation, deep sense of sensuality. Pink colour defines you as sweet, soft and more likely to be satisfied with a lover who is tender to you on bed.

You might have heard the words “red hot” being used many times. It is usually expressed to explain something that is very appealing. It is the colour associated with passion and lust! For that matter, ponder over the red roses, red lipstick, etc. The colour red carries sexual messages and responses smoothly. While it counts less on describing one’s taste for aesthetics. On the other hand, light colours hold the power to aesthetically attract people.

On dating sites, most of the users who have uploaded their pictures in red attire, are interested in casual sex and hook-ups. While the ones who are looking for serious relationships are seen presenting themselves in dresses of different colours, for instance, sky blue or yellow.

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