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Internet access through computers and smartphone has unbolted lots of opportunities for long-distance lovers to retain intimacy, primarily sexual intimacy. This is imperative, since sexual health is crucial both for the happiness of each companion and for virtually any relationship. From sexting to video chatting, companions can relish one another’s bodies from afar. While these methods of long-distance intimacy are impressive, progresses in technology are now making it possible for individuals to more openly pleasure one another, nurturing greater relations between spread-out lovers.

The internet has become host to an unpredicted boom phenomenon. 15 years ago, when the internet was in its embryonic stage, sex toys were not closely considered a natural marketing eureka moment for bourgeoning web entrepreneurs. Who would have thought it? But nearly from day one, the web became the up-to-the-minute new site for sex, raw and unrestricted around the clock. It was very well-timed too.

With the dawn of 24/7 porn online, the market was ready for the supply of sex toys for men frantic for sexual respite from the broadcasting of all that downloadable porn. So, the sale of these toys became a meteoric hot ticket item on the web, with the accent on hot. The internet provided by default the impeccable venue for nameless, faceless buying for millions of menfolk. No more risk of being seen in slimy portions of town, all passions and fetishes could be chased discreetly and privately. Now the acquisition of such toys for males is as easy and as impeccable as booking a flight or ordering a T-shirt. All cheers to Pleasure Mystery, the world biggest sex toys store!