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Add thrill to your sexual drive, for a never forgettable experience. Bring your girl the gift of g-spot vibrator that she would cherish for a long time. The bulbous head of the vibrator, shall give her the g-spot climax that would excite her to make love with you more passionately!

Achieve incredible orgasms from the g-slim vibrator. Another reason to buy g-spot vibrator is that it is waterproof. Available in pink and purple at Pleasure Mystery, this sex-toy is all your girl was looking for! There are multiple vibration speeds that arouse women, as they are efficient in reaching the sensitive nerve endings of the g-spot. You can change the speed of the vibrators according to your pace; this makes their usage flexible and efficient. To make the experience even more pleasurable and smooth, you can add lubricants. Lubricants can be used both on your fingers and on the vibrators.

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