Maintaining Your Sex Toys

There’s no two ways about it, sex is fun, regardless of whether you include sex toys or not. However, just as we want our partners to smell good and feel fresh, it’s important that we expect the same from our sex toys.

Some of us may introduce sex toys into the bedroom on a regular basis, whereas others may only introduce them now and again. Regardless of how often we actually use our toys, it’s important that we look after and maintain them.

Wash as Soon as Possible

While it can dampen the mood if you were to wash your sex toy immediately after, you should look to do it as soon as possible, before it slips your mind. Most sex toys can be washed using traditional soap and water, but you may also find that some sex toy suppliers have their own specific cleaner on offer.

Those who are looking to deep clean their sex toys could even run it through the dishwasher, although this wouldn’t be advisable for toys containing mechanical parts.

Keep Your Sex Toys Dry

While it is important to keep your sex toys clean, it’s equally important to keep them dry. Therefore, ensuring your sex toys are dry should work in tandem with making sure that they’re washed. Toys that are left wet for any reason means that a series of bacteria can form, as well as affecting the overall working of the sex toy in question.

Store in a Safe Place

We should treat our sex toys like we would any other possession, and that’s with great care. Sex toys that are left out and about are open to all manners of catastrophe, such as falling and being stood on. This can affect the overall working of the toy, which could deflate your mood when you’re feeling a little interment.

Check Your Toys for Defects

If you’ve invested wisely into your sex toy collection, you should find that it lasts you for some time moving forward. However, you should still inspect the sex toy regularly for any defects. While only small, cracks can grow, which can go on to irritate your internally. Cracks and splinters are also a breeding ground for bacteria.

Use The Right Kind of Lube

You may be surprised to know that some lubes can actually damage your sex toy, even the lube in question is safe to use with your partner. Oil-based lubricant is said to degrade sex toys, whereas water-based lubricant is said to be safe for use with most sex toys.

Of course, lube isn’t always required, but when it is, it pays to know what one you should use alongside your sex toys.

If you’re unsure about how to look after a certain sex toy, then it can often be worth doing a quick online search, or refer to the retailer. In either event, you will find that there will be wealth of advice available to aid you with looking after you sex toys.