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The sex toy market has blasted in recent years. So much so that the old-style vibrators which were originally just a vibrating piece of latex in the silhouette of a penis are a little unexciting when you look at what else is in a promotion. If you think the choice of lingerie and sexy underwear is gigantic, then prepare to have your mind wafted when you delve into the assortment of sex toys. The initial days of the sex toy market was concentrated on the females who required a little something extra when not in a relationship or while the spouse was working away. Today, the sex toy market is not just for females on their own, but males can get sex toys that they can use if not in a relationship and is a more interesting solution than masturbation unaided. The more open-minded we are becoming in our sexual attitude and activities, the more is the choice of adult sex toys that can be used by both women and men.


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