Want to talk about sex toys with your partner? Read on!


Introducing sex toys into your regular sex routine can be relatively simple if you think some things well in advance. Before purchasing a sex toy, make sure to:

Comment on bringing new toys in before you go shopping

Broach the topic with your spouse outside of the bedroom when you are both in a happy mood. Astonishing your companion with a new toy will most likely get their self-justifying hackles up, as they will automatically assume they are not a worthy enough lover.

Begin with the basics

Your list should embrace candles, lubricant, massage oils, edifying books and romantic games. Once you get used to using these things in your bedroom, it is time to familiarize toys.

Talk about what you both would be comfy with

Do you desire something romantic, sensual or exceedingly erotic? Something that vibrates or not? How much do you want to expend? Is quality imperative to you?

Educate yourself on what toys are made of

Maximum toys in the market are poor quality and some are even dangerous for the body. Make certain to read labels and search for toys produced by reliable dealers which are made of 100% silicone, 100% elastomer or food grade vinyl.

Great sex tip

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