1. Will my orders be discreet ?
We only work with sellers who can ship the items discreetly. All the purchases will be discreet and would be packed securely. Each seller will have their individual packaging instruction. The Payments on your card/bank statement are displayed as “PM” – giving no indication of the type of your purchase.
2. Who can buy from us?
Anybody who is over 18 Year of age.
3. When will my item be dispatched?
Generally the seller will dispatch the item the same day. Every seller has their own specific cut-off time, please check with the seller before ordering.
4. Which countries do you ship to?
It depends upon our seller. As a Company we accept payments in GBP, USD, EUR, SEK, NOK, DKK & CHF
5. Where are my goods coming from ?
We follow a strict dispatch policy under which we give access to only UK & European Sellers on www.pleasuremystery.com and all their items should be delivered from the UK. We do not allow International Sellers (Outiside UK and Europe). CUSTOMERS MUST REPORT, IF THEY RECIEVE THEIR ORDER FROM ANY LOCATION OTHER THAN UK OR EUROPE.
6. When will the parcel be delivered?
The seller will clearly mention the time lines in their listings.
7. What happens if I am not in when the courier tries to deliver the parcel?
Depends on the courier company, they generally leave a card with instructions about arranging a redelivery / redirection of your order.
8. Can I return the purchased item ?
Please check with the individual seller about their return policy. We follow the European Directive which gives buyers protection, if the item is unused and packed.
9. How can I pay ?
We only use PayPal as our preferred payment method. Even if you don’t have PayPal, you can still pay through your Debit / Credit card withought a PayPal account.
10. Is it safe if the website redirects to PayPal for payments?
Yes its completely normal. Your payments are secured through Pleasure Mystery and PayPal.
11. Contacting Us to report of any issues or fraud ?
Yes you can send us an email on [email protected]
12. Do we send discount codes ?
We send discount codes to our Subscribers only. Subscribe today to avail discounts. Subscribe Now
13. Why should I review the item?
We encourage our buyers to review the items so that they can help other buyers in taking an informed decision.

  1. Who can sell on pleasuremystery.com ?

Any UK and European seller who deals with similar product line.

  1. How can I set up my Seller Account?

Simply register with us as a new user and click on Sell With Us on the Home Page. Answer the bits and we will process your request within 24 Hour.

  1. Will you be chargeda fee or a commission ?

We do not charge any insertion fee and just charge 10% commission on the selling price, when the item is sold. We do not charge any other fee accept what PayPal charges. Please check the PayPal  payment charges.

  1. Will my products be advertised for free on the search engines ?

We promote our buyers product free of charge on various search engines like Google and Bing. We chose the seller and the product on the basis of their sales volume

  1. Do I have to follow a price match policy ?

Yes as per our policies the seller must offer similar price for the product  that’s been advertised on their website.

  1. How do we choose the featured products?

We chose the featured products on the basis of the best sellers.

  1. When should I dispatch the products?

The item(s) should be dispatched only once you receive the payment in your PayPal.

  1. Do I have to charge for the delivery ?

We do not encourage our sellers to charge for delivery. Research shows the items with free delivery are sold more as compared to items with delivery cost.

  1. Can I offer discount ?

Yes you have an option to sell on discount / Sale. All such items will be displayed free of charge on the home page.  Each individual seller can even create their own Coupons under the Seller Dashboard

  1. Do I get rewarded ?

We value Loyalty and Service and therefore we display the items of our featured seller on the home page. We promote your listings free of charge and the best performing seller each month gets all their commissions waved off.

  1. Do we close / restrict our sellers account ?

We hate to ban our sellers from selling their products. Avoid giving false promises to your customer, be honest,  don’t redirect the traffic to your website by offering low prices and follow the best practises mentioned in T&C’s. Unlike other Marketplaces, we hear and investigate the issues in detail and give all our sellers one chance. If you fail twice, you lose your account.