Different Sex Toys and Their Uses

While nothing can replace the love and affection of a human being, there’s no reason as to why a sex toy can’t be used to scratch that itch when needed. Not that it all has to be about flying solo, as there are plenty of sex toys aimed at couples to help them inject that little bit of spice into the bedroom. This article looks at the different types of sex toys available.


When it comes to sex toys, it’s safe to say that a vibrator is one of the more well-known. And while it’s often basic in its design, more and more new designs are being partnered with new technology to truly satisfy horny consumers.

A vibrator is also universal when it comes to those who use it. Just as many couples introduce a vibrator into proceedings as do solo women. Similarly, it is also often used by lesbians and gay men thus showing how a simple but effective design can work wonders in the bedroom.


Now it’s easy to confuse a dildo with a vibrator, and is often the case that each product will share the name of the other. The main difference between a dildo and a vibrator is that a vibrator vibrates and a dildo does not.

Whereas a vibrator concentrates on the sensual side of sex, a dildo will offer a real-feeling sensation that is also aesthetically similar to that of a real penis. Just like the vibrator, the dildo is part of many couples’ bedroom routine should the fancy take them.

Fingertip Vibes

Many people enjoy sex in a number of different ways. There are those of us who prefer a more relaxed and immersive experience, whereas others may act more on their animal instincts.

Couples who truly embrace the pleasure that touch has to offer will be taken to another level using this newest addition to the world of adult toys. When it comes to sex toys for both men and women, Fingertip Vibes could help many couples find new sensual spots.

Love Beads

Love beads can inject new sensations into the bedroom, by offering shorts burst of pleasure when pulled out. There are a wide range of love beads available, some will have all the beads the same size, whereas other increase in size from one end to the other.

As to what type is applicable really depends on your preferences. Beads where all the beads are the same size can offer a number of short sharp pules guaranteed to get any pulse racing. Those looking to experiment may want to try out the beads that start small, but slowly get bigger. This allows for each burst of pleasure to be more intense than the last.

Most sex toys can be used solo, or with a partner. The experiences on offer are only as limited as your imagination. So regardless of whether you’re searching for sex toys for men, or sex toys for woman, many find that most sex toys are able to satisfy both.