Getting turned on by your partner is instantaneous, especially when you can be your real self with your partner. You don’t have anything to hide from your partner and the love flows just naturally. Add excitement and chutzpah in your life, by using finest sex toys. If you are afraid about their application, then drive away all your fears.

Given below are some sex toys you can bring in action with your partner:

1. A Feather Tickler

Feather tickler is the most friendly sex toy for the beginners. It is very catchy and appealing in its appearance. It looks like the adult version of spider head massagers. The sensual vibes you receive by using the delicate feather ticklers, allows you to make the most of your sexual encounters with your partner.

2. Vibrating Cock Ring

For customized partner sex, vibrating cock rings are the right pick! While with your partner you can never get tired, with a vibrating cock ring that keeps you going! Being a hands free vibrator, you can also select its speed keeping your strength levels into consideration.

3. Blindfold and Wrist-Ties

Haven’t been into a blindfold before?? explore the fun together with your partner. Blindfolds are very user-friendly, that lets you personify fascinating characters from the superstar film series. Feel the hotness fully and let every moment with your partner be on fire! It will help you relate more to 50 Shades of Grey.

4. Partner Controlled Vibrator

There is a special connect you will find with this vibrator. As you squeeze it, the pattern and pressure of squeezing is copied. Purely this is what magic is all about!

5. Lubricants

You can also refer lubricants as lubes or massage oils that render strength and comfort to your intercourse. The more wetter the mattress sessions, the better it is! While the wetness often decreases due to stress, medication, etc, penetration gets easy by applying lubricants. Enhance the below-the-belt sensations, and make sex pleasurable.

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